Granada: Guided tour of the Cathedral and the Royal Chapel in small groups.

Visit the Cathedral and the Royal Chapel in small groups with an official guide and tickets included in the price.

Duration 1 + 1 hours (can be hired separately)
Groups 20 pax
No queues Skip-the-line access
Recommended for All ages
Bib Rambla Square
Pasiegas Square
Granada Cathedral
Surroundings of the Cathedral
Office Street
Royal Chapel
Mausoleum of the Catholic Monarchs
Royal Chapel Museum
Experiences Culture, History and Art, Religious, Walking tour.
Availability All year, except January 1st and December 25th. From Monday to Saturday.
It includes Official guide + audio + tickets to the Cathedral + tickets to the Royal Chapel.
Meeting point Bib Rambla Square, next to the central fountain.
Activity level Moderate. Not suitable for people with mobility problems.
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Cancellation policy:

100% cancellation fees will apply if canceled 2 days or less before the event time.


  • Travelers are required to wear personal masks and observe social estrangement during the experience.
  • The guides will wear masks and gloves.
  • On-site procedures for frequent cleaning or disinfection.
  • Customer is recommended to have their own headphones.

People with reduced mobility.

As they are old buildings, they are not suitable for the transit of baby carriages or wheelchairs on this tour.
We recommend that parents carry a baby carrier during the visit.

Do you want to know more?

For more information, you can contact us on the phone 958 281 499 or on the email You can also find us at Plaza San Agustín, n 3. Casa Zayas Building, 100 meters from Plaza de Siloé.

It is not a recommended visit if you need a wheelchair to make the visit. Access is from a different place than the main group and there are many areas that you cannot visit.

Hours and languages
English Spanish French
11:00 (chapel only)
11:00 (chapel only)
11:00 (chapel only)
11:00 (chapel only)
11:00 (chapel only)
11:00 (chapel only)
Winter: 10:00 11:00 (chapel only)
Summer: 10:00 11:00 (chapel only)
Winter: 10:00 11:00 (chapel only)
Summer: 10:00 11:00 (chapel only)
Winter: 10:00 11:00 (chapel only)
Summer: 10:00 11:00 (chapel only)
More information

The center of the current Granada or lower city was not born after the reconquest. And it is here that the old wall was found, it was traded, it was prayed in the Great Mosque and it was studied in the Madrasah. In fact, streets as emblematic of the city as Alcaicería, Zacatín or Bib-Rambla, retain the names of the past

And it is here where two of the most important monuments of the city are found: The Cathedral of the Incarnation and The Royal Chapel

The visit begins in the Plaza de las Pasiegas. The Cathedral remains hidden, it is only when facing its cover, in the square when its greatness is discovered. It was built in the old Great Mosque, commissioned by Isabel la Católica. The first reference was the Cathedral of Toledo and it was never completed. Years later, Diego de Siloé resumed the project and introduced Renaissance elements on the Gothic foundations.

The visit continues along the street oficios, where the Royal Chapel is located, attached to the Cathedral. Inside are the tombs of the Catholic Monarchs; Juana la Loca and Felipe el Hermoso; and the infant Miguel de Portugal.

The exterior of the Chapel is grandiose in contrast to the slightly more austere interior.

In the Sacristy is part of the legacy of the Catholic Monarchs: gallery of paintings works from the Flemish, Italian and Spanish schools. Queen Elizabeth the Catholic, her crown, her book center, and her clothing

Do you want to get to know the historical center of the city and two of its main monuments? Join our small groups and avoid unnecessary queues and waiting.