About us


Traveling has been part of the human being. The curiosity to know that there will be beyond the last curve of the road, is something inherent in man. Think that we come from Africa and have been able to populate every corner of the planet, this is a demonstration of our curious spirit and desire to move.

The journey is not only a spatial displacement, but also a mental and temporal one. Traveling allows us so many possibilities: when you visit other places you imagine another life; visiting the world means getting away from the daily routine; it is the opportunity that each day is different; It is the opportunity to learn, know, feel. In short, it is living with the intensity that we do not find in our daily lives.

We believe that travel should be slow, more deliberate, and truer. In short, more aware.


With this philosophy, Nhue was born in 2011 and with which we remain more committed than ever. For us, each traveler is unique, with different concerns and needs.

Our entire team works so that every traveler who makes one of our experiences takes unforgettable memories, discovers secret corners and can connect with traditions, stories, gastronomy and people. These are some of the reasons why in all the cities where we work the tours are our own and we have offices and staff to assist you

Each trip must be full of experiences that can only be lived in the chosen destination. It is the experiences that make a trip memorable and we are happy to remember

If you like our philosophy and want to live the city in a unique way, try to make some experience with us, we know that you will take the best of memories. We will wait for you!

Beatriz Peña

CEO Nhue Concierge