Private visit to the Alhambra and Jaén.

Enjoy two of the most special sites in Andalucía: the magical Alhambra and its Nasrid arquitecture and Jaén, unknown historical and cultural heritage. JAÉN: During this tour you will visit many interesting sites, such as the Cathedral, Santa Catalina Castle and the biggest original hammam in Spain.   Cathedral. Jewel of the Spanish Renaissance and summit work of Andres de Vandelvira. San Juan neighborhood, location of the original City Council. Magdalena neighborhood, where the legend of the Lizard of Jaén is based. Santa Catalina Castle, one of the three Christian fortresses that Jaén once had. (Including the Cross viewpoint) Baños árabes, the biggest and best preserved hammam- or steam bath -of Spain. Air-raid shelter from the time of the Spanish Civil War.   GRANADA:   Amaze yourself with the unique Nasrid Palaces of the Alhambra in Granada. An official tour guide will tell you all the details, legends and History on a 3 hours walk including the Palaces, Generalife Gardens, Charles V palace and the Alcazaba.

Discover Jaén. Private Tour.

A fantastic private tour through Jaén, guided by an official tour guide and including the tickets for the most important monuments of the city and the pick-up service Jaén is maybe not so well know as Granada or Sevilla despite having a rich historical and cultural heritage. Many monuments here deserve to be visited as they are unique and special samples in their category. During this tour, you will learn about the history and the architecture of the impressive cathedral of Jaén, jewel of the Spanish Renaissance and summit work of Andrés de Vandelvira. You will also visit some popular neighborhoods, as Magdalena quarter where the famous legend of the Lizard is based and San Juan quarter, where the old City Council was located. Amaze yourself with the visit to the wonderful Santo Domingo convent and one of the few Spanish Civil War air-raid shelters that are open to public in the country. Your tour guide will also take you to Santa Catalina Castle -one of the three christian fortresses that Jaén had and the head quarter of one of the Muslims kingdoms of Al-Andalus- and the biggest and most beautiful hammam preserved in Spain.