Alhambra special guided tour

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The Alhambra is considered the only Muslim Medieval palatine city in Europe. It is composed of the Alcazaba, Nasrid Palaces and the Generalife gardens. Also, the Palace of Charles V, jewel of the Spanish Renaissance. A visit where you will know the history, legends, customs and way of life that its inhabitants had. A walk from the 13th century until the Christian Era.

From EUR 49

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- Nazries Palaces 
- Alcazaba and Palace of Carlos V
- Generalife and gardens


We will visit the Alhambra enclosure. We will know their palaces: The Mexuar Palace, where the public justice was taught. The Comares Palace or Diwan was the real house but later it was a place where the official life of the Court was developed. Finally, the palace of Los Leones, whose famous patio is the subject of multiple studies.

But we will not only see Andalusian art in our visit. After the reconquest of Granada by Catholic Monarchs, some of the palaces suffered changes and modifications. It was not until the reign of Emperor Charles V, when the spectacular palace that we can see and enjoy today was built. This building has a great symbology that will amaze you. We will also walk through the Generalife. Ancient villa with gardens, where the kings of Granada spent their time of rest, with the sound of water as the main protagonist.


  1. Granada
  2. Palacio de Carlos V
  3. Alcazaba
  4. Palacios Nazaríes
  5. Jardines
  6. Generalife