Alhambra guided tour premium (small groups in English)

From EUR 54

We call ourselves “storytellers of experiences” and, in this case, the tales told by our guides will take you through the key spots of the Alhambra palace. In order to do so, you will learn about life in the Alcazaba fortress, the Generalife gardens and the Nasrid palaces.

From EUR 54

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The purpose of our visit is that, through the perception and didactics of our tales, you will get to know more about the Arab and Christian cultures between the 13th and 16th centuries and you will have something else to tell about your trip when you go back home.


In this visit, we will fill our tour with smells, tastes and sounds, so that you can relate to how life was for the people who lived in the Alhambra in the past. The Alhambra, although considered to be the only medieval Muslim palace in Europe, it is actually a palatine city, where the artistic expression of those living in it can still be admired in the beauty of their culture, both through the inner spaces of the palace (tiles and plasterwork) and its exteriors (gardens).


  1. Granada
  2. Palacio de Carlos V
  3. Alcazaba
  4. Palacios Nazaríes
  5. Jardines
  6. Generalife