Tour Granada Inexplicable

From EUR 18

This visit consists of a two-hour guided tour through the Albaicin, Realejo and the historic centre of Granada. The itinerary is designed to enjoy the city’s nightlife scenes, also to experience Granada in a different way.

From EUR 18

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During the walk, you will visit the part of the Albaicín that links Plaza Nueva with Paseo de los Tristes, you will wander along the Darro River until you reach the Cuesta de Gomérez, entering the Jewish quarter of Granada, and enjoying one of the best night views at the Puerta del Sol, concluding in the historical centre of the city, next to the Plaza de Bib Rambla.


We suggest that you feel and live the atmosphere of Granada at night, through an overview of its main neighbourhoods.

In this visit, we want you to experience what it is like to go into the darkness of a magical and mysterious Granada. The best way to get to know something more of the most enigmatic and city`s black literature. To do so, we will show you several cases related to the Black Chronicle of Granada, known as the Phantom of the Provincial Council, the Duende del Darro or going into the “Demon” quarter.

Each one of the chosen stories has several interpretations of the facts. Our intention is, that you walk around the city at night and get to know the darkest Granada, and at the end of the visit you will be left with the interpretation that best suits your understanding of the facts.


  1. Fuente del Toro
  2. Real Chancillería
  3. Calle Carnero
  4. Maristán
  5. Duende del Darro
  6. Iglesia de Santa Ana
  7. Cuesta de Gomerez
  8. Cuesta de Gomerez
  9. Realejo
  10. Puerta del Sol
  11. Pub Granero
  12. Alcaicería
  13. Bib Rambla
  14. Antigua Diputación