Conspiracy Tour in the Albaicin

From EUR 15

We will walk through the darkest streets in the Albaicin, hidden from the most touristic routes. The night, partner in crime of every intrigue, will be the companion of our very reduced group, experimenting this scenario where reality always beats fiction.

From EUR 15

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Mirador de San Cristobal viewpoint is a privileged place to admire Granada, the Alhambra and the old Alcazaba Qadima castle at a very special and breathtaking nocturnal panorama.  On our way there, we will locate some of the most emblematic spots of the Albaicin from the 11th and 13th centuries, some of them currently forgotten by the typical touristic routes.


We will wander around silent streets in the darkness of the night. The Albaicin, one of the most important power cores in the history of Granada, will tell us true stories that will beat any film script. For this reason, we have collected the testimonials of conspiracy witnesses, participants of some of the most turbulent plots of the Kingdom of Granada, as well as other strange events that have even named some significant monuments in the neighborhood.


  1. Mirador de San Cristóbal
  2. Aljibe de Paso
  3. Calle San Luis
  4. Aljibe de la Rauda
  5. Aljibe de la Vieja
  6. Arco de las pesas
  7. Dar al-Horra
  8. Minarete de San José
  9. Maristán