Conspiracy Tour in the Albaicin

From EUR 18

This visit consists of a two-hour guided tour at night. The itinerary is designed to get you to know the places in the Albaicín district that are farthest away from tourist traffic. We will see scenarios and events where reality surpasses fiction.

From EUR 18

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We’ll start at the Mirador de San Cristobal, overlooking the Alhambra Palace and the old Alcazaba, a privileged place to see Granada with a special panoramic view at night. On the way we will see the most emblematic scenes of the Albaicín of the 11th and 13th century, until we end up in the old Maristán of Granada.


We propose you to walk through the darkest streets of a magic Albaicin, where the night will reveal historical intrigues.

This visit is complementary to standard tours of the neighbourhood. We want you to know the essence of it. Enjoying the best views and scenery that a Granada by night offers. We will walk through the millenary streets, and you will experience the feeling of not being in the heart of a city.

To make your experience even greater, real stories worthy of a film script have been chosen, accompanied by a very small group. Because the chosen places are inhabited by neighbours and it is essential for good tourism practice to respect the environment and its tenants.


  1. Mirador de San Cristóbal
  2. Aljibe de Paso
  3. Calle San Luis
  4. Aljibe de la Rauda
  5. Aljibe de la Vieja
  6. Arco de las pesas
  7. Dar al-Horra
  8. Minarete de San José
  9. Maristán