Walk Around the Al-Andalus Prisons

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In Granada, you will find what it is likely the biggest Arab prison city from the Middle Ages in Europe. This place, located all over Colina del Mauror, goes parallel to the Alhambra enclosure area. You will get to know, first-hand, the daily life of the convicts, its prisons and one of the most unknown pages of the history of Granada.

From EUR 15

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We will visit the Fundacion Rodriguez-Acosta Museum (also known as Carmen Blanco) close to Bermejas Towers. We will adventure ourselves through its underground passages, which were part of a dungeon network. Later, we will walk through some of the most special gardens in Granada, located in Carmen de los Martires.

Please, note: During our visit to the Fundacion Rodriguez-Acosta Museum, we will walk around the underground passages, but if you wish to visit other areas of the Museum, we recommend you to book the guided visit of the Museum itself. It has many interesting things to see, from their gardens, with their high symbolic value, to inner rooms and the Museum belonging to the Gomez-Moreno Institution.


In the Granada of the Middle Ages, close to the Alhambra enclosure area, there was a penitentiary city that existed in parallel to the Nasrid palaces located at the Colina de la Sabika. Known as Ahabul Haql, it contained thousands of captives and covered all the ground of Colina del Mauror, from Bermejas Towers to current Carmen de los Martires. They used underground constructions from previous times, as well as natural barriers existing in place, to create a genius system to prevent any escape.


  1. Hotel Alhambra Palace
  2. Carmen de los Mártires
  3. Carmen de los Mártires
  4. Carmen de los Catalanes
  5. Fundación Rodríguez-Acosta
  6. Torres Bermejas