Albaicin from the inside

From EUR 15

To get to know the Albaicin in person, there is no better way than entering the homes of the people who lived in it in the past and who currently live in it, too. This way, you will understand their way of life through time, from the inside of their carmenes (a native housing of Granada) and Renaissance palaces.

From EUR 15

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We will walk around the lower Albaicin (Albaicin Bajo) from Plaza Nueva to Cuesta del Chapiz. We will have the opportunity to visit the old palace of the Pineda family, the Santa Ines Convent, and to go up to one of the oldest defensive walls in Granada, as well as to explore the heritage inside Carmen de los Patos.


Carmen, the genuinely typical housing in Granada, was born during the Arab times of the city. These beautiful houses were, later, adapted to the needs and interests of the new times and lodgers. Similarly to what happened to the luxurious palaces from the Renaissance of the Christian Granada. Hence, you will be able to compare life in the inside of the rich palaces, while also enjoying the peace and harmony of the hidden gardens and patios with beautiful views to the Alhambra.


  1. Fuente del Toro
  2. Capitel Nazaríes
  3. Santa Inés y Cobertizo
  4. Maristán
  5. San Juan de los Reyes
  6. Carmen de los Patos
  7. Plaza de la Victoria