Premium Night Guided Tour to the Alhambra

From EUR 49

When night falls over the Alhambra, magic runs through the palace’s corridors and passages. If visiting the Alhambra during daylight is always a pleasure to our eyes, at night the effect is even more intense. Under the moonlight, all our senses are more awake. Walking through its rooms and outdoor areas is the best way to experiment a temporary regression into this Muslim medieval palace, which is unique in Europe.

From EUR 49

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We will walk though the Alhambra enclosure area and will admire all its palaces: Mexuar, Comares and Lions’ Palace. After that, we will visit the gardens and the Generalife summer palace. We will also visit one of the jewels of the Spanish Renaissance: the Palace of Charles V.


In this visit, we will travel back in time until the 13th Century, to a time when the Nasrid dynasty started to design this enigmatic palace. We will walk through private rooms, as well as through beautiful gardens, under the moonlight and listening to the clinking water that runs through many spaces, directly coming from Sierra Nevada mountains. In the meantime, we will learn about the hermetic symbolism and meaning of all the decorative art that beautifies its inner structure.


  1. Granada
  2. Palacio de Carlos V
  3. Palacios Nazaríes
  4. Palacios Nazaríes
  5. Palacios Nazaríes