Flamenco night in Granada

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Unforgottable flamenco night with an optional dinner in the famous gipsy quarter of the Sacromonte

Flamenco music and dance is the most authentic expression of the cultural and ethnic heritage of Andalucía. Passion, rhythm and strength are the distinctives of this art that automatically involves you in an emotional trip.

Come and feel the arabic, african and gipsy roots of flamenco. Experience this World Intangible Heritage in a typical flamenco tablao, located in one of the most famous caves in the Sacromonte quarter.

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  • Unforgottable show with first-class artists
  • Traditional cave-house
  • Possibily of ordering drinks and dinner
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Schedule: 2 shifts (21:15 / 22: 30)
  • Location: Barranco de los Negros 5, Granada
  • Disabled access: Local: not accessible; Bathrooms: not accessible
  • Public Transportation: Bus: 31,34,35


  1. Granada