Alhambra, Albaicín and its Nasrid Palaces Private tour. Gold Doubloon

Two areas of Granada are distinguished as World Heritage by UNESCO: the Alhambra and the Albaicin.

Duration 5.5 hours
Groups From 1 to 9 travelers
No queues Skip-the-line access
Recommended for All ages
The Generalife Gardens
The Bath of the Mosque
The Carlos V Palace
The Alzcazaba
Nasrid Palaces
Gardens of the Alhambra
Lunch break
Santa Ana Square
Darro Race
The Bañuelo
Horno del Oro House
The Paseo de los Tristes
Saint Nicholas' lookout
Dar Al Horra Palace
Experiences Guided visit, Culture, History and Art. Walking tour
Availability Daily tours. Except January 1 and December 25
It includes Alhambra Ticket + Albaicín Monuments Ticket + Official Guide + Audio system
Meeting point Paseo del Generalife 1F. 18009. Main entrance of the Alhambra, near Ticket Offices
Activity level Moderate
Discount 10% discount in Souvenir AB-Side store. Plaza Villamena, 5. Next to the Cathedral

Cancellation policy:

  1. 100% refund or complimentary rescheduling if a customer cancels more than 30 days months before the tour date
  2. 35% refund between 30 days and 2 days before the tour date
  3. Non-refund cancels less than2 days before the tour date.
  4. Non-refund no show or arrive late to the visit

Sanitary and phytosanitary measures

  1. Travelers are required to wear personal face masks and maintain social distance during the experience.
  2. The guides will wear masks
  3. Frequent cleaning or disinfection protocols for visited places.
  4. Disinfection protocols of the audio systems used during the visit
  5. Use of hydroalcoholic gel in all accesses to monuments
  6. Access prohibited with backpacks, bags, or suitcases that exceed 40X40.
  7. The Alhambra does not have a baby carrier and lockers  8. Customer is recommended to bring their own headphones

Nominal Tickets.

  1. You must provide the full name, surname, and identity number of each visitor at the TIME OF MAKING THE RESERVATION (this information will not be processed through e-mail).
  2. Access to the monument is through a visitor’s ID or Passport scan. The IDs must be the original and the same ones provided when making the reservation
  3. This information is essential to access the monument. Tickets are nominal. The Alhambra staff will verify this information. In case of not being equal, access will not be allowed. Nhue is not responsible for the data entered or does not carry the original documentation. Nhue will not be able to do anything in this regard as it is the regulations of the Alhambra Board
  4. Remember that it is obligatory to bring the same passport or the ID (ORIGINAL) that you provided when making the reservation on the day of your visit.

Do you want to know more?

For more information, you can contact us on the phone +34 958 281 499 or You can also find us at Plaza San Agustín, n 3. Casa Zayas Building, 100 meters from Plaza de Siloé.


Not suitable for Wheelchair users

Hours and languages
English German Spanish French Italian Portuguese
Winter: 10:00
Summer: 10:00
Winter: 10:00
Summer: 10:00
Winter: 10:00
Summer: 10:00
Winter: 10:00
Summer: 10:00
Winter: 10:00
Summer: 10:00
Winter: 10:00
Summer: 10:00
Alhambra en grupos reducidos
Opiniones de clientes

The tour was very good! Violeta knew a lot, I liked it a lot and I recommend it. On the tour, there were 11 of us a relatively small group. Very good!!


I do not know how the other guides that Nhue has will be, I imagine that they are great, of course the guide that Lucia played us a professional, if everyone is like her Nhue we value her with an OUTSTANDING.


Beautiful guide! Everything was very interesting, the rhythm of the guide was very relaxed, it allowed to appreciate everything without haste and take photos. The company provided headphones to listen to the guide, allowing the information to be heard.

More information

 Gold Doubloon Tour, Granada

Two areas of Granada are distinguished as World Heritage by UNESCO: the Alhambra and the Albaicin.

The magnificent Alhambra and its beautiful Generalife gardens -which together they represent the best expression of European Islamic art-. Alhambra

Right in front we find the quarter of the Albaicin, worldwide recognize thanks to its Moorish roots and its labyrinthine alleys, that hide behind the singularity of the gardens the smell of jasmine, the rests of the noble past from the Nasrid dynasty.


Private tour Gold Doubloon

The private tour begins in the Alhambra accessing the entire monument: Alcazaba, Nasrid Palaces, Generalife, Carlos V Palace and Bath of the Mosque and the “Estancia del mes”

After the visit to the Alhambra and a lunch break, we will continue discovering the Nasrid past of Granada from the hand of your private guide, through the Albaicín neighborhood.

A private guided tour of the old Doubloon, Alhambra, and Albaicín, is all you need to disconnect. Shall we start?