Hamman in Granada

Incredible experience in wonderful Arab baths in the heart of Granada Nasrid.

Duration 1.5h
Groups 20pax
No queues Skip-the-line access
Recommended for All ages
The Hammam Al-Andalus
Bath in cold, hot and warm rooms
Vapour room
Rest room
Optional 15-minute massage (selecting the complement of the massage when making your reservation).
Experiences Oasis of peace and calm
Availability Daily
It includes Bath in cold, hot and warm rooms, Steam room, Rest room. Optional 15-minute massage (selecting the complement of the massage when making your reservation).
Meeting point Calle Sta Ana, 16, 18009 Granada.
Activity level Low
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Duration: 1 hr 30´ approximately.
Meeting point: Calle Sta Ana, 16, 18009 Granada.


Cancellations or reservation changes can be made up to a maximum of 48 hours before the agreed date, otherwise, the entire amount will be lost.

In case of canceling a reservation complying with the cancellation policy, we will proceed to refund the amount paid.

Note: Both to cancel and to modify any type of reservation you must call 661 04 26 73.

As for the information to give to clients, it is necessary that they bring a swimsuit and it is not necessary to have a bathing cap (yes long hair tied up), or flip flops (they can bring them but they will only use them in the locker room, in the interior area Hammam must be barefoot).

We remain at your disposal for any questions or further information you need.


For more information, you can contact us on the phone 958 281 499 or on the email beatriz@nhue.es.
You can also find us at Plaza San Agustín, n 3. Casa Zayas Building, 100 meters from Plaza de Siloé.

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All the languages
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In Granada there are still the remains of some of the many hammams -or public baths- that dotted the entire city and that served as a purification and gathering area for people of all backgrounds and social classes. The Hammam Al-Andalus has managed to take up the idea of the classical Arab bath and has adapted it to the new techniques and demands of our times, turning these baths in the historic center of the city into an oasis of peace and calm. Without a doubt, the best way to end an exhausting day of visit in Granada and an unforgettable experience for your senses.